Some say agency we say team

We have a close-knit team of designers and developers who can provide the most modern web and mobile technologies for your special case and build awesome products.

We believe that every great team is a sum of different individuals who are not only highly-skilled professionals but also love to talk, discuss and always search for better ways to create products. Our dedicated and self-driven team is one of the best things we have come up with.

We have been fortunate enough to work with great clients from different countries around the world to create many awesome products with our 8 passionate team members.

Giving our energy for creating a successful team and trusting them to give their best to create marvelous products is vital to our success.

Nearly five years ago, we came up with an idea of setting up a great team with a goal of building awesome digital products for startups and companies. Like every other company out there, we started as a small business but dedicated ourselves to product details, as well as the happiness of individuals; we maintained team chemistry and thus get bigger.

Five years and nearly 40 projects later we are proud to say that we have made a significant impact on some of the best products on the market and startup ecosystem.

We are a group of more than 20 talented individuals, following the vivid vision of our core team members

Nguyen Le

Digital Technologist

Uyen Tran

Account Manager

Anh Nguyen

Full-Stack Developer

Minh Nguyen

UI/UX Design

Tuan Nguyen

Full-Stack Developer

Lam Phan

ERP Consultant

Toan Tran

Front-End Developer

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